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Rope 101: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Rope
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Rope 101: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Rope

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Notice: This is a COVID Responsible Event, Masks are Required at All Times During Class. There are also NO sales at the Door, all participants must be pre-registered. 

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Rope Bondage has a long and storied history, depending on whom you ask. Knowing where rope techniques come from can give you a wonderful idea of traditional methods and styles of rope bondage. Unfortunately, most of the time that history does not translate into real, practical skills you can use to bring Rope Bondage skills into your regular play. This class and its instructor, Geoffrey Quick, brings a more practical approach to teaching rope skills.

This class is for those looking to start building their rope skills, or those looking for a refresher from a pragmatic view point on simple and effective ways to enjoy your rope either alone or with a partner. If you've ever wanted to start playing, but are intimidated by the various ways that rope presenters declare you 'should' practice your rope, this is also a class for you as we take a non-judgmental approach to all the reasons you might want to bring rope bondage into your play.

This class will cover:

* Types of rope and suitable use.

* Health issues and safety in your rope play.

* Terminology and negotiations for rope play.

* Basic ties, including single and double columns, and basic harnesses.

* Tips and tricks for extending your rope, hiding your rope, and other useful  play tips.

You can easily practice many of these ties on your own body but you may wish to bring a partner, or prepare to make friends with your other class participants as we try out our skills on each other!

At the end of the class there will also be a short free-tying period where you can try out various ties and get comments and suggestions from others, as well as the instructor.

We request that you bring at least two 30ft sections of rope of your choice, but there will be lender rope at the venue.

Geoffrey Quick has been an active participant in the Kink Community, and has been practicing rope for over 10 years. In that time he has refined his approach into one where the end result of the scene is the most important part of the use of his rope. Rope is a fine tool, but it is a tool none-the-less to create fun and interesting play.


Purchase of this ticket is acknowledgment of the following:

* You consent to attend an adults-oriented education session, all participants are required to be 18 or older and present ID at time of attendance.

* You consent to being present during adult activities and situations that may include partial or full nudity.

* There is no alcohol or other recreational drugs allowed on the venue premises. If you appear intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.

* RACK Leather and instructor Geoffrey Quick are providing this education session for the purposes of entertainment purposes among consenting adults only. Neither RACK Leather nor Geoffrey Quick is liable for any injuries due to the application of the skills presented in this class demonstration.

* You agree to binding legal arbitration in the case that you choose to bring legal action against RACK Leather, Geoffrey Quick or the presentation venue.

* Photography MAY be allowed at the venue, with the consent of all involved.