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Class Offerings

I am able to offer guided instruction on many topics. I have taught each of these programs several times to groups as small as 6 and as large as 30. I have presented classes for over 10 years and I can provide student and assistant references as wanted. My normal course length is 3 hours, but I can provide a truncated class experience for those looking to fill a conference spot or other time/space limitations.

My teaching rates are negotiable, and I am willing to travel. Please contact me for further rate discussions dependent on your organization’s needs. I will also expand this list as I continue developing my curriculum.

General BDSM Topics/Discussions:

The ABCs of BDSM

This is an instructor-led workshop that means to ease people’s entry into the world of BDSM, whether they are merely interested on a personal level, or they are looking for the local community. This class spends a good time focusing on the language of BDSM so we use a common vocabulary moving forward. We delve into discussions on a person’s personal approach and meaning in kink, red-flags and danger signs, personal safety and safe-calls, what a person might expect when first attending a dungeon, munch or other kink oriented social event. We also cover some common types of play you might experience through kink, and when you might go looking for a checklist. We also cover some very basic aspects of negotiation, but if you want a thorough discussion on that, please see the following class.

Getting What you Want: Negotiation for Play

This workshop is geared towards everyone; Doms/Subs, tops and bottoms, switchy folk as well that want to express their desires better, negotiate better, and overall have a better experience getting what they want out of their lifestyle. We know it can be challenging for even the most confident of us to cover all details of our scene/relationship desires, but through this workshop, we hope to give you a good core that you can take forward into exploring your own negotiation style and skills. This workshop covers Limit Lists/Preparing for play, Confidence in your Safewod and when to say yes! What kind of bottom or top are you? What is your style of negotiation and can you be safe and comfortable with it? For Tops, when is your safeword appropriate, or signs to cut a scene short. We also briefly cover contract discussions and more in-depth negotiations for those looking to add a more formal note to your BDSM relationship.

Rope Workshops:

Rope 101: Getting Your Knotty Self Going

This class is for those looking to start building their rope skills, or those looking for a refresher from a pragmatic view point on simple and effective ways to enjoy your rope either alone or with a partner. If you've ever wanted to start playing, but are intimidated by the various ways that rope presenters declare you 'should' practice your rope, this is also a class for you as we take a non-judgmental approach to all the reasons you might want to bring rope bondage into your play. This course covers types/varieties of ropes and their common traits, health and safety issues involved in rope play, some common terminology for negotiation and instruction in rope. We then move onto some demos and practice sections on single column, double column ties, basic chest and body harnesses, and include some tips on extending rope during a scene as well as ways to use up excess rope.

Rope 102: Ebis, Hog Ties, and Frog Ties Oh My

This class is for those whom have already attended a rope 101 style course and are looking to expand their skills into the areas of intense, positional and artistic bondage. This is also a course for rope bottoms looking for tips and techniques to prolong their time in rope, communicate when they are having trouble, and conveying to their rope tops when things might be appropriate for position changes so you can prolong intense scenes. We will also provide demos for the aforementioned Hog Ties, Frog, Ties and Ebis, as well as variations of those particular ties. This course provides ample practice time as we move through the various techniques for those looking to expand their skills.

Sadistic Rope: Breaking the Rules the Right Way

This class is for those that want to mix the mean, the sadistic, and even some rough body play into their rope work to make a different kind of connection with their bottoms. We will look at all the rules that make rope 'nice' and 'safe' and work on techniques that break those rules in a controlled manner. This course breaks into three major sections. The first covers making simple ties more sadistic through rope type variation, positional knots, and sensory manipulation. The second goes into building accessories into your ties that can make your scenes more sadistic; it covers cane/column built harnesses, binding foreign objects into rope, and nipple ties. The third section moves briefly into predicament positioning, body weight manipulation, and using hardpoints to emphasize difficult positional ties.

Catching The Light: Tricks and Tips for Photographic Rope

This class covers topics relating to photographic rope. We will spend some time discussion body positioning, knot positioning and pre-planning for rope scenes that are meant for photography and then move into practical applications of those skills. We will look at hiding extension knots and end-ropes, ways of dealing with excess strings of rope, and how to position yourself and your model in ways that provide the best angles to capture the looks that emphasize the model and your rope-work. This course also discusses support and positioning for those with suspension experience whom are also looking to get striking pictures of short-term suspension.

For the Love of Rope: Rope Skills and Ties for Sex

A workshop for those looking to build their rope skills towards sex, sexual positions, and getting intimate with your partner. A slower paced workshop, we will take our time as we enjoy the more sensory nature of rope experiences and how to cultivate scenes that enhance that. This class will include discussions on helping build sexy rope scenes, concerns on fluid exchange and how it can affect your rope and helping make rope negotiations sexy. We will also spend time on how to build rope harnesses conducive to holding toys, or exposing your partner for intimate contact and play, as well as techniques to use the rope to enhance pleasure.

Impact Workshops:

Swinging for the Fences the Right Way: Impact 101

This class is for those just starting their journey in kink play and want to add a little striking or impact into their play. This class will cover the safety issues involved with impact play, danger areas and risks involved when you start striking another flesh and blood person. We will also look at types and varieties of toy-based impact play including floggers, canes, paddles, and single tails. Each of these has unique things to think about in play, and we will look at each piece of those variations. We will also take a look at putting it all together and talk about the rhythm of a scene, when and how to switch up your pacing, and how to build momentum and feel in a scene.

Getting into It: Rough Body and Bare Handed Play

This course is for those who may have left their toys at home, or prefer the primal and sometimes more intense connection involved with using nothing but your body to play with your partner. This workshop explores many of the different ways you can enhance an impact experience without needing the muscles of a body-builder or the training of a martial artist. This course will cover the safety concerns with rough body play to both the bottom as well as the top. We will then cover pressure point/trigger point manipulation, punching/kicking/striking, flesh grabbing/pulling, body weight manipulation, and finally kicking/stomping/grinding or boot play.

Other Workshops:

The Introverted Kinkster

This seminar is geared to those of us that are more introverted in nature and struggle to find a comfortable way to involve themselves with the kink community. We try to build a comfortable environment to discuss the struggles introverts often have when attending munches, dungeons and other events, even though there is a larger percentage of introverts often involved in this community. We will also talk about some common habits of introverts that may make it more difficult to fit in comfortably with your community and some practical ways you can potentially mitigate those behaviors while cultivating a relationship with those who are more established. This class may include some role-play and behavior practicing to help give examples for those looking for things they can practice.

Extinguishing the Fear: Fire Play 101

This class is an introductory class for those looking to look past the flash and flare so they can find the practical skills to get into fire massage, play and fire cupping. A little bit of education, practice, and training can turn this intimidating type of play into some of the safest, sexiest, and most sensual play you can experience. We also will look at the other side of the coin as we explore how to build on the intimidation value and work on edging the fire from pleasure to pain while keeping the experience safe for everyone involved. This course starts with kit construction, different materials for wands and why you might choose them, as well as other supplies you may want to include in your kit. We then cover health and safety issues involving fire-play, and dispel many of the myths involved behind the view of fire play as a form of edge play. We then move into technique demos of fire massage and fire cupping, involving ways to change your scene from sensual to sadistic and back again. We also discuss ways to prolong your scenes in a safe way.